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About LGBT Humanists

Founded in 1979, originally known as GALHA, LGBT Humanists is a democratic, membership organisation based in the UK with members worldwide, promoting Humanism and LGBT equality.

Our activity

LGBT Humanists promote Humanism and LGBT equality, working to combat prejudice and discrimination against humanists and LGBT people. In furtherance of these aims it:

  • Holds regular open, public meetings in London with speakers and discussions
  • Maintains a website that promotes our work worldwide and links to other relevant online resources and organisations
  • Carries out other occasional media work including radio, press and TV to promote its aims
    Makes submissions to government committees and responds to government consultative documents that concern our areas of interest
  • Supports demonstrations and other groups that advance our aims
  • Provides stalls and information at as lesbian/gay, Humanist and other public events
  • Organises an annual lunch to publicise the work of a public figure involved in LGBT rights and/or Humanism
  • Affiliations

    LGBT Humanists are an integral part of broader movements promoting Humanism, human rights, equality and diversity. We are a section of the British Humanist Association and enjoy close links with the National Secular Society.

    LGBT Humanists are an important part of the European and international Humanist movements, affiliated to the European Humanist Federation and International Humanist and Ethical Union. LGBT Humanists are part of the global promotion of LGBT rights, affiliated to the International Lesbian and Gay Association and Amnesty International and a strong supporter of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO).

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