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Chris Ward


chris"A recovering Catholic, I became a Humanist after finding Hitchens. I'm a senior mobile developer by trade but I've also been involved in politics as an elected councillor and I worked for a political party during the 2010 general election. As a member of the Lib Dems, I was responsible for changing party policy on gay/bi men from donating blood. I now use my coding skills to try and make the world that tiny bit better. During the equal marriage campaign, my partner Josh (also on the committee) and I developed the successful LobbyALord website which helped deliver the crushing defeat of the anti-gay Dear amendment in the House of Lords. I live in Covent Garden, London with Josh and our cat Sulu."

Twitter: @christopherward

Josh Gladwin


josh"As someone without a religious upbringing, Star Trek and Doctor Who taught me more about humanity than any bishop or bible. I’m a linguist and want to ensure that LGBT rights and Humanist values resound around the UK and across the world. Having a strong interest in science, I wish to see logic and reason triumph over religious dogma and stigma in society. Together with my partner Chris, I have created various online applications to help with campaigns, most notably the LobbyALord website during the equal marriage campaign. I live in Covent Garden, London with Chris and our cat Sulu."

Twitter: @joshuagladwin

Matt Hall

Finance Officer

"I'm a PhD student researching hate crime, far-Right extremism and social simulation. For me, humanism fills a space that faith once occupied during my teenage years with the evangelical church. LGBT Humanists, as part of the BHA, provides me and others a sense of community and a means to explore questions of morality free from the confines of any dogmatic religious framework."

Twitter: @MattAHall